Values that drive us at Saakshis

  1. Excellent Value:

    Saakshis offers a wide selection of high-quality home-cooked meals at competitive prices, providing excellent value to customers. They focus on advance orders for zero waste and efficient operations to pass on savings to their customers.
  2. Product Quality:

    Saakshis is committed to providing products of exceptional quality that promote both physical and mental wellbeing. With meticulous attention to detail in supplier and ingredient selection, Saakshis ensures that every meal meets their stringent standards, delivering value and satisfaction to customers. By using fresh and high-quality ingredients, authentic spices, and avoiding pre-packaged sauces or bottled bases, Saakshis creates handcrafted meals that are free from preservatives and additives. This dedication to quality guarantees a nutritious and wholesome experience for every customer.

  3. Variety:

    Saakshis offers a diverse range of meals to cater to various tastes and dietary preferences. Customers can choose from a wide array of cuisines, ingredients, and dietary requirements, allowing them to explore new flavors and enjoy personalized meals. Saakshis takes pride in accommodating different meal plans and dietary preferences, providing an extensive selection of choices. They understand and value their customers' specific dietary needs, ensuring a wide variety of options to meet their requirements.

  4. Customer Satisfaction:

    Saakshis prioritizes customer satisfaction with seamless ordering, responsive support, and flexible delivery. They value customer feedback and make proactive improvements. Special occasions are catered for, ensuring suitable meals. Delivery is available to homes, offices, or holiday rentals. Saakshis provides a consistent kitchen experience, even when customers move houses.

  5. Convenience and Sustainability:

    Saakshis offers convenient, ready-to-eat home-cooked meals delivered directly to customers' doors. They prioritize sustainability by reducing food and packaging waste while promoting responsible sourcing. Customers enjoy time-saving meals without compromising taste, nutrition, or their environmental impact.