Embark on a Culinary Journey with Saakshis: The Premier Indian Home Kitchen in the UK

Saakshis (www.saakshis.com) is more than just a provider of high-quality, fresh, and authentically home-cooked Indian meals in the UK. We are a purveyor of happiness. Our clientele is diverse, encompassing Indian students, busy professionals, young families, and elderly residents in the UK, as well as those celebrating special occasions and national Indian festivities. At Saakshis, we are driven by a commitment to deliver happiness at every touchpoint, creating memorable experiences for our customers, employees, and shareholders alike.

Our journey began with Home Chef Saakshi and her entrepreneurial husband, Jasjit Singh Ahluwalia, a London Business School graduate. Together, they envisioned creating the UK's largest Indian home kitchen. Our mission extends beyond merely delivering nutritious, everyday meals nationwide. We are devoted to infusing happiness into every dish we create and every service we provide.

Saakshi's Kitchen is renowned for its dedication to health and flavour. We craft dishes with low oil and salt content, ensuring high nutritional value without compromising on taste. Our offerings have become a trusted staple for a wide range of individuals across the UK, including doctors, tech professionals, students, and the elderly.

We deliver throughout England, Wales, and Scotland, catering to all generations. Our meals offer the comfort of homemade food, cooked with minimal oil and fewer spices, thereby delivering the joy of healthy and authentic Indian cuisine.

In the words of our founders, "We are the Indian home kitchen for everyone craving homestyle, authentic Indian food in the UK. Even as you move homes across the UK, your Indian kitchen remains constant, delivering not just fresh, healthy, and nutritious meals, but also happiness, wherever you go." Join us on this culinary journey and experience the joy of authentic Indian home cooking with Saakshis.