My original recipe from Delhi's big fat Indian weddings and parties unlike what you have been eating. a must have and an absolute crowd pleaser. Must try to find out what an orignal butter chicken is. A party or a special occassion is incomplete without it

A vegetarian's answer to Butter Chicken. Soft succulent pieces of Paneer cooked in Silky Makhani (onion tomato puree) sauce. a party favorite and must on an Indian menu

A houseboat special when traveling to south India. enjoyed by us on our trip

Made so well each time that we have always received request from family and friends to carry a dish for any party

A savory chicken and rice dish including layers of chicken, rice, and aromatics cooked together served with cucumber raita (yogurt)

A savory vegetables and rice dish including layers of vegetables, rice, and aromatics cooked together

Seasonal vegetables cooked in Korma Curry

My dad wants it every time he lands home. a true Punjabi style tadka on it makes it special

Best potato dish, simple yet full of FLAVOURS

Super Crispy fries made with Okra Pods

A Gluten Free and Vegan appetizer. Super crispy spinach leaves coated with Gram Flour

Bay Leaf, Black Cardamom, Black pepercorn, Cinnemon Stick, Cloves, Ghee, Long grain Basmati Rice, Salt, Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Oil

Succulent Kababs that are a must-have

No one can eat just one! Very addictive, super tasty samosas.

Freshly fried poppadoms are the perfect accompaniment to Indian-inspired curries.