The Difference Between Indian Home Cooking and Restaurant Cooking


Hello, food enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered why your grandma's homemade curry tastes different from the one you order at a restaurant? Saakshis Kitchen, known for delivering the best home-cooked Indian food in the United Kingdom, is here to unravel the mysteries behind the pots and pans. Join us in exploring the blog topic, "The Difference Between Indian Home Cooking and Restaurant Cooking."

1. Personal Touch and Love:

When it comes to Indian home cooking, there's an extra ingredient that can't be replicated – love. Home-cooked meals from Saakshis Kitchen are crafted with care, ensuring that each dish is infused with a personal touch. Restaurants aim to please a broad audience, but at home, every spice is chosen with your taste buds in mind.

2. Authentic Family Recipes:

In Indian homes, recipes are often passed down through generations. Saakshis Kitchen cherishes the authenticity of family recipes, creating a connection to cultural roots. While restaurants may modify recipes for a wider audience, home cooking stays true to traditional methods and flavors.

3. Spice Control:

Ever had a dish that was either too spicy or not spicy enough? In Indian home cooking, you have control over the spice level. Saakshis Kitchen encourages you to adjust the spices according to your preference. Restaurants, on the other hand, often have a standardized spice level to cater to a diverse clientele.

4. Freshness of Ingredients:

Indian home cooking often involves a trip to the local market for fresh produce. Saakshis Kitchen values the importance of quality ingredients. In restaurants, the need for large-scale preparation might lead to the use of preserved or pre-packaged ingredients, impacting the overall freshness of the dish.

5. Variety and Experimentation:

At home, you have the freedom to experiment with flavors and try new things. Saakshis Kitchen celebrates variety, allowing you to explore different regional cuisines. While restaurants offer a diverse menu, the home kitchen provides an opportunity for personalized experimentation and creativity.

6. Cooking Techniques:

Indian home cooking often includes traditional cooking techniques passed down through families. Saakshis Kitchen embraces these methods, creating dishes that capture the essence of home. In restaurants, chefs may adapt techniques to streamline the cooking process for efficiency.

7. Portion Sizes and Customization:

Home-cooked meals are tailored to the preferences and dietary needs of the family. Saakshis Kitchen believes in customization, ensuring that each meal suits your requirements. Restaurants, while offering a variety of dishes, may have standardized portion sizes and limited customization options.


In the world of Indian cuisine, both home cooking and restaurant cooking have their unique charms. Saakshis Kitchen delivers the best of both worlds – the authenticity of home-cooked meals with the convenience of restaurant delivery. Whether you're craving the comfort of a homemade curry or the excitement of exploring new flavors, Saakshis Kitchen is your passport to a culinary journey that bridges the gap between home and restaurant cooking.



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