Saakshis: Your Indian Home Kitchen Near University of Birmingham Student Zone

Are you a student at the University of Birmingham craving for a taste of home? Saakshis, the UK's premier Indian home kitchen, is here to satisfy your palate with mouthwatering Indian dishes. We understand the challenges of balancing studies, social life, and cooking. That's why we offer an affordable and convenient solution for students.

Our tiffin service, located near the University of Birmingham student zone, provides a variety of Indian meals. Whether you're vegetarian or a lover of meat, our extensive menu has something for everyone. Each meal is cooked with love and packed with authentic Indian flavours.

We offer a flexible meal plan to suit your schedule. Choose from our daily, weekly, or monthly options and never worry about your next meal. Each tiffin box is filled with a balanced meal of a main dish, rice, and a special side.

What sets Saakshis apart is our commitment to quality. We use fresh ingredients to prepare our dishes, ensuring you get a nutritious and delicious meal every time. Plus, we offer massive discounts for students, making our service even more affordable.

Start your week right with our special Monday curry, a favourite among our student customers in Birmingham. Or, if you're in the mood for something different, try our special vegetarian dish of the day.

Saakshis is more than just about providing food. It's about delivering happiness at every touchpoint for our customers, employees, and shareholders, creating memorable experiences for all. As we deliver throughout England, Wales, and Scotland, our meals cater to all generations, offering the comfort of homemade food, cooked with minimal oil and fewer spices, thereby delivering the joy of healthy and authentic Indian cuisine.

In the words of the founders, "We are the Indian home kitchen for everyone craving homestyle, authentic Indian food in the UK. Even as you move homes across the UK, your Indian kitchen remains constant, delivering not just fresh, healthy, and nutritious meals, but also happiness, wherever you go."

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